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Chinese edition of The Four Seasons by Xiang Yang.


English edition of The Four Seasons, trns.  by John Balcom.


About The Four Seasons 

The Chinese edition of The Four Seasons ( 四季 ) was published in l986. This combines many of the qualities of Xiang Yang's earlier work: the formalism of ten-line poems, the use of dialect, the abiding presence of the Taiwan landscape, and a strong social consciousness. The twenty-four poems in the book, one for each of the twenty-four periods of the traditional Chinese agricultural calendar, provide the reader with a comprehensive picture of Taiwan in the l980s.

The early poems in the sequence tend to be landscape poems in which man lives in harmony with nature. As the sequence progresses, however, the rural orientation gradually shifts, and the urban intrudes ever more, and a somber tone gradually takes hold. The single text spans the seasons and the changes they bring to the island, the socioeconomic development of the place, as well as encompassing the whole spectrum of human moods and emotions.

The English edition was translated by John Balcom, published by Taoran Press at Monterey, CA, USA, in 1993.




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