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Woodcut by Xiang Yang



A Traveler's Dream

Xiang Yang

Trans. by Ronald Egan

Just give me a home to which I can never return. A travel is someone fated to attain identity in the midst of his drifting. Wind and snow, bright sun, hailstorms, and cold rain, not to mention the dirt on his hair or the tears at the corners of his eyes. A travel's dream--perhaps it is only a home. But it is a home he can never return to once he wakes up.

Every tree trunk contains the homes of insects, every leaf can be the nest of dew drops. Every road has the the shoe prints of travelers, or perhaps the prints of their feet. But
the trail of each shoe print or footprint is eventually covered and obliterated by the wind and dust.

To be called a "traveler" one can only go forward all alone.     (more......)





First published: July 3,1998   Copyright 2009 Xiang Yang. All Rights Reserved